Old Rail Trail, Co. Westmeath

A greenway is traffic-free trail for active modes of transport, particularly walking and cycling – but also for wheelchair users, skaters, rollerbladers etc.

Irish Greenways is an initiative by researchers in the Department of Civil Engineering at NUI Galway, dedicated to promoting the research, development and use of greenways in Ireland. 

A host of fantastic Irish greenways have opened in recent years and this website showcases a selection of these routes. Further greenways are currently going through the planning process and dozens more have been proposed by local authorities and communities. Keep an eye on our News and social media pages for all the latest greenway developments.

A view from the Great Western Greenway, Co. Mayo



The Irish Greenways homepage map illustrates how these routes could be connected to create a network across the island. In this context, the Irish National Cycle Network is an exciting proposal for a 2,000 km network of 13 corridors, where greenway-standard routes will be prioritised.

Over €30 million has been invested in greenways to date and the Irish Government is committed to continuing this development. The Northern Ireland Executive has also proposed an extensive greenway network of over 1,000 km. Take a look at our Policy & Funding and Oireachtas Watch pages for all the details.

Greenways can bring a wide range of benefits for nature, communities and the local economy. They can be corridors for wildlife, running tracks, cycle touring routes, educational resources, heritage spaces or simply quiet places to relax.

Greenways can be converted railway lines, canal towpaths, forest paths or even old roads. However, careful consultation, planning and design must be carried out to ensure that these routes serve the local community, are safe and environmentally friendly. Check out our Research section for some of the work we have done at NUI Galway.

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